Who we Are

Iconic Computers Corporation is an On-Site computer repair and service based company solely focused on bringing the office IT guy to the home computer. By providing all services at a client’s residence, home office or small business location, Iconic Computers can easily and accurately troubleshoot issues and provide technical advice that is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of each and every customer.

With a long list of services and areas of expertise, Iconic Computers is positioned to become a large IT service provider for the greater Edmonton area. Such services as individual computer setup, virus removals or home network setup are common day activities for the staff at Iconic Computers.  We deal extensively with all Microsoft Windows operating systems as well as Apple’s Macintosh computers, iPods, iPhones and the new iPad.

As a tailored IT service, each and every individual at Iconic Computers prides themselves on providing a friendly and “geek speak” free consultation with each and every customer. While troubleshooting your computer woes, feel free to ask your on-site technician any and all computer related questions you may have. Although we may be out to fix or setup your home computer equipment, we also strive to be technology experts to answer your concerns.

With such convenient, friendly and trustworthy technicians available to travel to your residence when it is most convenient to you, why go through the hastle of unplugging your computer and driving to the nearest retail store. As an added bonus of having our technicians come to your place of residence or workplace, you can be assured all work will be done on-site and will in most cases be operational before the technician departs. Our track record reflects a 95% completion rate of all on-site repairs and other work. For this reason we guarantee all labour for a period of 30 days after the scheduled appointment. If the original issue continues or returns within the 30 day warranty period we will return at no charge.

Next time your computer slows down or starts to show signs of infection or you wish to make some additions or alterations to your home or small office computer setup, remember the certified technicians at Iconic Computers are here to help.